X plane 11 magknight 787 liveries

Magknight has today released a major update for their rendition of Boeing for X-Plane This is a major update that mainly features a new Rolls-Royce engine option, over 50 bugfixes, custom flight controls, air conditioning, and upgraded fuel systems.

The announcement was made via the X-Plane. Aeroniemi, Magknight developer and post author, has included a few important notes at the start to make things clear. Both version 1. It was also recommended to download the aircraft again from the store due to the file size — over MB of changed files. The changelog is long, and I highly recommend you read through it, but I will try to summarize the most important things here. Probably the most interesting new feature, in this version, is the new engine option.

Fuel systems have also been improved, for example, APU now requires fuel to run on the ground, the fuel balance system has been added together with the central tank scavenge system. The aircraft can be purchased via the X-Plane. Source: X-Plane. I've been a flight sim enthusiast for some time now, and I've always enjoyed flying to various destinations all over the world, but my favourite airport is by far Corfu.

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I started this news site in May and since then my main goal is to keep you informed about the latest stuff happening on the scene. Report Issue. Author: George I've been a flight sim enthusiast for some time now, and I've always enjoyed flying to various destinations all over the world, but my favourite airport is by far Corfu. IniBuilds Development Update 5.

787: Aviator's edition

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Privacy policy.By shenherm. Here's the entire WestJet fleet painted for the Magknight 1. This paints are fully colour corrected to the real plane achieved using personal photos in a hangar environment. This paint was designed to be used with the new GE engines 1. If you find a bug or a detail that is off or wrong, please write a comment so I know to fix it.

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B787-9 Aviator Edition

Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. May This is nice looking ngl. Only thing that ruins it is there is no gear tilt but this is a skin so 10 stars for great look. See all Subscription Plans. Please read the Terms of Use. By shenherm Find their other files.

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Episode 5. [X-plane 11] Full Flight - Magknight 787 - Paris (LFPG) - Quito (SEQM)

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I accept.By StephenJanuary 21 in Airliners Reviews. Magknight has updated the Boeing Dreamliner to version v1. Before we get into the new version then let us make a note. The X-PlaneReviews site comments were inundated with pleas around the Christmas-New Year period that the new discord version didn't work or didn't load correctly. Now even myself installed the wrong recommended Java module that messed up a lot of other applications and most notably the X-Updater, so I had to throw that Java out again, so my point is that if I get it wrong then most of you out there can as well.

Magknight does provide a Java-Installer that does the install correctly, it works so use it and the app selects and installs the correct Java version J8 update 64bit and everything now works as it should with no other application conflicts, problems fixed. The Cosford SimShow showed off the main feature coming in v1. But don't get me wrong, this is a big step forward, with far more detail and finally real cabin windows A major point is to made is that ALL the original liveries with the new fuselage now don't work, you will now need to find all new liveries noted as 1.

The new Paintkit is here: Paintkit 1. The GEnx 1B "General Electric Next-generation" engines have also been totally remodeled and changed from the Trent and again they look far better, and mostly on those huge But the exhaust outlets are well done. There are no first or Premium Economy sections and it makes the Dreamliner look very long and full inside, I'm not crazy about the rear seat graphic either, the logo is okay, but the on screen controls are noticeably too large.

Thankfully the galleys are very good and come with enough food carts to feed the hungry The windows and surrounds are very good, not perfect, perfect All eight doors now open, including the front cargo door, but I couldn't get the rear cargo door to operate? They are set to A-Auto green of which you then have select M-Manual white to open them, the cargo door outline is not shown? To close is the reverse, but only in using the right mouse click selection how will Mac users do this? With the new cabin comes also internal lighting, and very good it all is.

There is a rainbow roof effect on the forward cabin, then blue on the mid-deck and rear cabins. Window strip lighting is also very good as well with great sign and amenity illumination detailing. External lighting shows off the better fuselage and creates better external realism, as does the now realistic looking illuminated cabin. The Skiselkov Librain effect is now also used on the B, it is layered on the cockpit windows and the cabin windows and it is a great addition, but the effects on both the cockpit and cabin windows are also a bit odd?

Odd also is any view out of the cabin windows, it is when say when the airbridge is in a viewed through the window position it is actually viewed in a different place to reality? I can't see or find any adjustment either? EFB has had a more attention and more settings that now pushes the pages now into two selections with the added rain effects The one Powercart that is shown externally and connected up correctly to the aircraft, but why not finish off the job with the required three powercarts and their power sources to the systems.

The Performance setting page is still very fiddly, but if you follow the manual you can fill it in, does it actually work is the big question along with the WT and BAL page unless Magknight is waiting for the better FMC system? Anyway they have also put in a credit page to note the developers.

The Magknight B Aviator is still in reality a beta in development aircraft and you accept that fact when you purchase the aircraft in the first place. Currently it is years ahead of what this B was when the project was started, but you also have to accept there is still also a long way to go. I can accept in development aircraft systems missing and buttons not working, but what I can't accept is when the basics don't work and this aircraft still currently relies very heavily on Planemaker to do a lot of the lifting work.By StephenAugust 29, in Airliners Reviews.

Only back in June I finally caught up and reviewed the Boeing by Magknight. I had flew the aircraft earlier and basically kept an eye on the progress, but as the aircraft went from a development stage and into a sale payware aircraft it then came up on to my radar. Overall the review was very good for an aircraft that is basically built up in PlaneMaker and not as a custom plugin design. This is a tribute to the developer Magknight to get such a quality aircraft out of which is the only the default system of X-Plane.

There was some inadequacies, but the aircraft is a project in progress and you sign up for that from the start, overall it is at this stage getting really good and here is the next version v1.

x plane 11 magknight 787 liveries

Externally the aircraft has been revised with a new normal map and the new quality shows, the distinctive nose has also been remodeled to form a better shape. It certainly looks better, but the older map outline on the radar dome is still the same so it looks still like it is penciled in and not defined. There has been a lot of work done on the marching ants issue, that was particularly bad on the moving parts of the engines.

This area is now far better, but not perfect The ants are now only noticeable from certain angles arrowed and you have to really go looking for them, but they are still there. It doesn't takeaway the detail and quality design of these new-gen engines of which are the best currently reproduced here. Most of the focus here in v1. Switchgear can be still slightly clunky, but I had issues starting the engines, as the No.

B787-9 Aviator Edition

My current irritation is that a lot of developers go ahead and keep putting in newer and newer features but over look the basics. Here it is the engine start, bleed and fuel introduction Most functions here on the OHP are also still blocked off like with the EXT External power, but overall it a nice step forward in functionality.

Flap positions and detents have been updated to the -9 Series variant and look great For a long haul airliner of this caliber then this area of performance is crucial. More new pedestal detail includes; Fuel control levers Engine fire lights correctedExtinguisher levers Now show engine fire annunciator and bottle discharge annunciators. There is however still too much cockpit overhead lighting for dark instrument approaches and the "Storm" lighting button is blanked off, in it being also switched "on"?

Those impossibly beautiful wings are really well done here, and they have had some attention a well with better wingflex and dynamics, and they certainly look and react far better.

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The aircraft's external lighting has had a lot of attention Org Store here :. Liveries are downloaded and inserted into your B root folder separately as a Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro v1. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Aircraft Update : Boeing v1.

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Reply to this topic. Recommended Posts. Stephen Posted August 29, By StephenJune 21, in Airliners Reviews. But the Boeing changed all that with its phenomenal speed, range and passenger capacity to change the world into our current global village. You couldn't go faster Concorde did, but it was expensive so you went larger with the Boeing Series and again airline economics and passenger loads went through the roof.

But today it is now all about efficiency and not about sheer volume. The Airbus A should have been the next significant step, but today's fuel costs and strangely the worry that airlines can't simply fill out its huge capacity and that and then for the first time aircraft have gotten smaller to go forward. The Boeing with it's twin-engined capacity broke a lot of rules but the bottom line on the ledger sheet of most airlines flying the aircraft simply showed the way forward to the current new-age front line super economic machines, the Airbus A and the Boeing - Dreamliner.

But currently it is the Dreamliner and the XWB A that will again change the aviation economic landscape. First of all let us clarify that this Boeing is not related to the original Heinz Dziurowitz version of the B that aircraft was the B but outwardly and inwardly they are very similar as both used only native basics of X-Plane Planemaker makes them very much in the same design. So this aircraft is not a "study" level simulation either, or even a basic systems aircraft, so it is in reality an advanced planemaker design, a second point to make is that it is a project still in progress, this is not a completed aircraft but one still in forward development.

The aircraft started out as a donation style project, but it has now switched over to being a payware to reflect it's current design progress. Although the aircraft was created for X-Plane10, it is really a X-Plane11 based design, as most of the earlier X-Plane10 element's were thrown out and restarted, so you have 4K x textures and a far more better quality 3d design, with of course the XP11 PBR effects. The modeling is really very good, but the mapping is a bit heavy in parts as denoted by the heavy grooves, the B is a very smooooth jet, as it is plastic after all or a carbon-composite sort of plastic design, in being both very light but strong.

Those signature wings are well done here, they are all new to this update and beautifully shaped as is the built in wing-flex that is now very smooth and realistic.

The B wing has a very large flexible range for efficiency, from some views the long upward moving curves look fragile, but they are built that way. In this updated version as well the fan blades on the GEnx-1B's are all new, and they look very nice as well in static and in flight. Although a lot of the marching ant's have been also fixed in this update, there are still a few here and there, and the engines cowlings are slightly transparent in showing the internal engine structure?

There is no cabin, opening doors or menus or any other advanced features, but the cockpit is very well detailed and well designed. The cockpit has been redesigned about two or three times, but the results have been well worth the effort, as it has a very authentic feel. Heinz's B cockpit was quite basic, certainly with the overhead panel, and that sorta didn't give me the immersion feel I really wanted with the aircraft, but that is not the case here as it is a very nice place to be.

The overhead panel here is excellent in look and feel, but the switchgear can be a little heavy to turn or use. The Boeing series uses the latest in glass cockpit technology, so it can look a bit confusing at first if you are used to the older style aircraft instrument panel layouts. To a point the B instrument panel can be hard to replicate and not come across as cartoony, but Magknight has done a really great job here in the overall design.

But in many areas it does show that the design is still a work in progress, a lot works, but a lot of the functionality doesn't and small items are missing like the analog clock hands digital does and elapsed time, however the tools you require to fly the aircraft are all here.

787: Aviator's edition

Being a Planemaker design you don't get nice things like reflective instruments, that is okay as they don't look to bad because of their sheer size, there are four displays, two for each pilot called inboard and outboard that are divided into more separate screen zones, again the zones are locked in here so you can't switch them around like you can on a real B The glareshield holds the Autopilot functions and it does on first sight look quite different from other Boeing aircraft autopilots.

But the custom keyboard does work as well if you want to input in a more realistic way. The status display can change to display five modes They feel like a very last minute installation, but they are all very good. All radio frequencies are done through the FMC RAD Radio page as the rear console is effectively blank, except the Transponder number which is input directly on the center console panel. Over Head Panel OHP is well done, and looks great, of course not many of the systems work unless they are X-Plane native associated, which will be interesting with newly coming X-Plane Freighters Liveries Pack B Magknight.

Air Canada B Magknight. Gulf Air B Magknight. Kenya Airways Fictional B Magknight. Jetstar Fictional B El Al Israel B Avianca B Oman Air B Saudia B Royal Air Maroc B China Eastern B WestJet B Malaysia Airlines Old Fictional B Air Asia X Fictional B TUI Airlines B Cathay Pacific Fictional B Singapore Airlines B Malaysia Airlines Fictional B Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight B Aeroflot B Air Canada Frosted Leaf B AeroMexico B Korean Air B Qatar Airways B British Airways B Virgin Atlantic B ANA B KLM B Fictional Air Canada Livery B This is the Air Canada livery for Magknight's B This is the Gulf Air livery for Magknight's B Reg: A9C-FA.

x plane 11 magknight 787 liveries

Reg: 5Y-OYO. Reg: 4X-EDC. Reg: NAV. This is the Oman Air livery for Magknight's B Reg: A4O-SC. This is the Saudia livery for Magknight's BBy shenherm. All aircraft are painted as they are in September This pack will not be proactively updated as aircraft are repainted. If you notice one is repainted, please let me know so I can adjust the pack.

This paint was designed to be used with the new GE engines 1. If you find a bug or a detail that is off or wrong, please write a comment so I know to fix it. If you like my work please consider buying me a coffee.

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Coffee Fund. Edited September 4 by shenherm. Released September 4. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.

x plane 11 magknight 787 liveries

July See all Subscription Plans. Please read the Terms of Use. By shenherm Find their other files. About This File Hey guys!

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